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Random Play
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Random Play is a short lived VH1 Comedy Sketch show It had parodies of such things like the Lilath fair, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls. I never heard of this show until one day in 1999 when I was watchin Vh1(dont know why) and saw a commercial for a new sketch comedy show w/ Bruce from kids in the hall Random Play Aired on Saturday nights for awhile and then disapeard,Like the Short Lived Hype on the WB except it was on Sundays.

Title Random Play
First Air Date 01 Jul 1999
Last Air Date 21 Apr 2019
Genres Comedy , Reality,
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Networks VH1
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Episode List

Season Episode Episode Title Release Date Download Link
1 1 Folk Singer 24 Jul 1999 Download Link
1 2 Dave TV 31 Jul 1999 Download Link
1 3 Nostradamus 07 Aug 1999 Download Link
1 4 Storytellers 14 Aug 1999 Download Link
1 5 Manfred 10 Sep 1999 Download Link
1 6 Partidge Family Auditions 17 Sep 1999 Download Link